There's always money in the banana stand.


Designer at Hatchlings; Project Manager at ADLLC; Founder at Bloomsnap. Strong background in design, project management and marketing.

As lead designer at Hatchlings, I’ve helped develop and launch a few social games on the Facebook platform so far that have reached an audience of over 2 million users. We’re also in the midst of launching our first iPhone app after taking 2nd place at Startup Weekend Des Moines last year with the concept and deciding to add it to our portfolio of games. I’ve also been working for another startup out of NYC building a new wave of communication. It’s currently in stealth mode, so more details to come on that venture soon.

In my spare time I’m also diving headfirst into launching my own company along with a co-founder after taking 1st place at Startup Weekend Ames earlier this year.

Thanks for taking a peek at my site, more to come soon :)